Moses Faces His Fears

I can face my fears

We all feel fearful sometimes. If we didn’t then we wouldn’t be human. Fear is a natural feeling. Moses knew what it was to be afraid. When God spoke to him from the burning bush and asks him to go and save his people from Egypt, Moses didn’t think he can do it.

He doesn’t believe in himself. He is scared that won’t be able to do what God is asking him to do.

Moses doesn’t say yes right away. He asks questions because he is scared to go. Moses had been living in the wilderness for forty years. He knew how to live there. He hadn’t been back to Egypt since he escaped after killing a soldier. He was no longer a Pharoah’s son, he was an escapee.

Having faith means doing what God asks even when we are afraid. Faith means believing when we are afraid. We might feel fear, but our faith in Jesus will see us through.

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