At Home with Pastor: The Power of Prayer

“Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.
Jeremiah 33:3

When everything seems stacked against us and all hope is seemingly lost, we begin to think that we are so completely alone and forgotten. Jeremiah was commanded to pray for great and mighty things within the confinement of prison. Similarly, we might be feeling confined and imprisoned during lockdown. It is precisely in times like these that we must prevail in prayer for great and mighty things.

  1. The Power of His Position: “Call to Me!”
    The power in God’s position as Creator authorizes His command to call upon Him. We must pray because God has the power to deliver what He promised.
  2. The Power of His Promise: “I will answer you!”
    It is one thing when someone says that he will do something for us; it is quite another when God says that He will do something for us. God always fulfills His promises to us. The power of His promise assures that He will answer us. It is foolish not to obey the command to pray when the answer is assured!  Prayer is a powerful weapon!
  3. The Power of His Provision: “I will show you…”
    What is it that God will show us? The demonstration of God’s power unleashed through our prayer effort involves three categories: Great Things, Mighty Things, and Things We Do Not Know.

    a. Great Things: Nothing is Beyond the Ability of God
    We are weak but God is great and strong. We are nothing, He is everything. We must pray because God has the power to deliver the great things He has promised. Nothing is beyond His ability.

    b. Mighty Things: Nothing is Beyond the Access of God
    “Mighty” means hidden or fenced in; inaccessible to us, but very accessible to God. Nothing is beyond the access of God. Prayer may involve humans speaking, but, more importantly, it assures what God is promising – mighty things. Everything apparently out of reach is within reach when we call upon God. He delights in doing mighty things for His children!

    c. Things You Do Not Know: Nothing is Beyond the Abundance of God
    The more we call upon God, the more He reveals of Himself. It is a never-ending prospect with the thrill of new vistas of knowledge, daily and throughout eternity. This is the matchless, accessible abundance of God for those who pray!

We are praying for you.
God bless.
Pastor Allan

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