At Home with Pastor: Ephesians 6:13


What do you do when you are stuck at the crossroads, and you’ve done all you can? Stand. You. Just. Stand. While this advice may seem ridiculous, crazy and unreasonable to those of you who may be broken and traumatized due to emotional, spiritual, relational, or even physical trials, I believe it is the Lord’s answer for you to stand strong in the midst of tough and testing times. It is in the place of brokenness and pain, fear and insecurity, that He meets us and equips us to stand again.       

  1. Stand in the Truth.
    Hold to the truth. When you hold to the truth: You don’t attack or react aggressively. You don’t run away and hide in fear. (I have done both in the past, and neither has worked well for me!) Only the truth will set you free.
  2. Stand in the Lord’s Protective Armour
    Knowing that the battle is ultimately the Lord’s. Whether your battle is internal or external, temporary or permanent, life-altering or mildly annoying, the Lord’s command does not change. There is never a time before, during and after the battle that He tells us to stop standing. He does not say that after we have given it our best we can quit and sit down. There will be battles. And when they do come, we have to choose to stand our ground. He will protect us with His Armour.
  3. Stand in the knowledge of who He is and who you are in Him.
    He is the universal Lord of all. The never- changing Messiah. The most powerful Saviour. Exalted far above principalities and authorities. No one can question or doubt His supremacy. You are secure, kept, enriched and empowered in Him. The phrase that keeps resonating with us is “and after you have done everything, to stand”. Don’t give up, stand firm.  


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